Logarithmic Spiral

Namespace: RightEdge.Common.ChartObjects
Assembly: Common (in Common.dll) Version: 2010.1.0.0 (2010.1.0.0)


public class ChartLogarithmicSpiral : ChartSpiralObjectBase
Visual Basic
Public Class ChartLogarithmicSpiral
	Inherits ChartSpiralObjectBase
Visual C++
public ref class ChartLogarithmicSpiral : public ChartSpiralObjectBase
type ChartLogarithmicSpiral =  
        inherit ChartSpiralObjectBase


The logarithmic spiral, also known as the growth spiral, was first studied by Descartes in 1638 and Jakob Bernoulli. This spiral often appears in nature. Probably the most important aspect of the logarithmic spiral is that if we increase the angle ø by equal amounts, the distance r from the poles increases in equal ratios.


Create a Logarithmic spiral programmatically (C#)
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// Setup our X coordinates.
DateTime startDate = DateTime.Now;
DateTime lastWeek = startDate.AddDays(-7);

// Create the Logarithmic Spiral object
ChartLogarithmicSpiral spiral = new ChartLogarithmicSpiral(new ChartPoint(startDate, 20.00), new ChartPoint(lastWeek, 25.00));

// Add this object to the chart.  "symbol" would equal the current symbol object in the system.
ChartObjects.Add(symbol, spiral);

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