Calculates indicator values from Bar Data.

Namespace: RightEdge.Common
Assembly: Common (in Common.dll) Version: 2010.1.0.0 (2010.1.0.0)


public interface IIndicator : ISeries
Visual Basic
Public Interface IIndicator
	Inherits ISeries
Visual C++
public interface class IIndicator : ISeries
type IIndicator =  
        interface ISeries


This interface is used to calculate indicators values from Bar Data. If you have an indicator where you generally select one BarElement to run the calculation on, that you would like to be able to run on the output of another indicator, you should consider using the ISeriesCalculator interface.

When writing indicators, it may be convenient to derive from the IndicatorBase class, which implements some of the functionality of the IIndicator interface.

You should add an IndicatorAttribute to your indicator class if you want it to show up in the RightEdge indicator list. You should add an ConstructorArgument attribute to your indicator class constructor for each argument the constructor takes.

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