A base class that symbol scripts derive from.

Namespace: RightEdge.Common
Assembly: Common (in Common.dll) Version: 2010.1.0.0 (2010.1.0.0)


public class SymbolScriptBase
Visual Basic
Public Class SymbolScriptBase
Visual C++
public ref class SymbolScriptBase
type SymbolScriptBase =  class end


The SymbolScriptBase class provides easy access to symbol-specific information and operations. In RightEdge, one copy of your symbol script class is created for each symbol in the trading portfolio. You can also create a system class (deriving from SystemBase) for system-level logic.

A class with the name MySymbolScriptBase which derives from SymbolScriptBase will be generated by RightEdge in your project. Your symbol script class should derive from MySymbolScriptBase and include your trading logic.

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