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Plugin not available within Edition 2 Build 14

Posted By pfptrade 9 Years Ago
Posted Thursday November 19 2009
Dear traders,

I have used RightEdge edition 1 and placed a .dll file within the plugin-folder. After a restart of it this additional indicator was available within RightEdge.

Today I also installed RighEdge edition 2 build 14. I did the same again to have my own developed indicator available, but this time, this indicator is not available within RightEdge.

I have placed the .dll again within the plugin-folder, but does not come up within RightEdge - Indicators?

Can somebody help me, please.

Thanks a lot.

Posted Thursday November 19 2009
You will need to change the reference in your plugin project of Common.dll to the version of that file that came with RightEdge 2008, Edition 2. Then rebuild your plugin and copy it to the correct folder.

Posted Friday November 20 2009
Thanks very much Daniel! Problem fixed.

Regards, Peter

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