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3d Optimization Point Graph

Posted By alpha23 9 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday February 03 2010
Packages such as Wealth Lab average optimization results to a 3d surface plot when there are more than 2 optimization variables. However, a point graph gives much more information by showing the the dispersion of results for > 2 variables (see attached which contained 4 variables). The following company provides a 3d graphing engine which may be a good starting point for an off-the-shelf component: There may be similar packages but I'm currently evaluating the Excel version.

Thanks, Duane

3d Point Graph.GIF (385 views, 20.00 KB)

Edited: Wednesday February 03 2010 by alpha23
Posted Wednesday February 03 2010
Yes, it's very useful tool to avoid overoptimize variables.
I would like to see it in RE too!
Posted Sunday July 24 2011
Definitely would be an great improvement!

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