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RightEdge 2010 Release Candidate, Build 15 Available

Posted By billb 8 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday February 09 2010

We're proud to offer a release candidate of our latest version of RightEdge.  This download is available to all.  The current release, build 15, is available for download from our Downloads page.

NOTE: This is pre-release software.

The items below have been addressed since the last beta build of Edition 2, build 14.

  1. Saved frequencies are now editable in options dialog
  2. Fixed "Off by one" issue with MaxLookBack
  3. Count property of bar element series now reflects the available value count (ie, won't ever be more than MaxLookBack)
  4. Tick importer supports fractions of seconds for timestamp and shows parsing errors in preview
  5. Fixed exception when accessing data store plugin after upgrade.
  6. Fixed SystemData.CurrentTime in backtest mode
  7. Modified TWS plugin to ignore warning 2109, fixed issue where parsing of account value was dependent on system settings
  8. Fixed exception parsing decimal value from IB which is close to, but not exactly, double.MaxValue
  9. Updated ADX, ADXR, DIPlus, DIMinus, DirectionalMovement, and TMA indicators to not round their values to the nearest integer.  Because these indicators use their own previous values in their calculations, the old values will not always be the same as the rounded new values.  CSI values will also change as it uses ADXR in its calculation.
  10. Fixed issue where time of day could be included in symbol's expiration date when using symbol add dialog or new watchlish folder wizard
  11. Position.UnrealizedProfit and Position.CurrentValue will now be based on the latest tick instead of the most recent bar's close.
  12. RightEdge should no longer run as a 32-bit application when on a 64-bit OS.
  13. Bar data checker will now detect bars with OHLC values of zero, infinity, or NaN
  14. Fixed bug which would cause a crash if TWS sent a symbol where the currency type was null
  15. Chart trade labels will now show to the left of the bar to which they apply, which will make it easier to see recent trades in live mode.
  16. Removed SimOpen and SimHighLow methods from broker interface
  17. Fixed issue in paper trader where limit or stop orders could be filled outside of the price range of a bar
  18. Fixed issue where the option to not show the volume pane wasn't working correctly for live system charts.
  19. Fixed issues with paper broker's handling of the bar close, including fixing the filled time to be the bar end time instead of the bar start time
  20. Console output will now go to the RightEdge output window before the system starts and after it shuts down
  21. Fixed issue where data store would be accessed many times for the same symbol after processing live lead bars
  22. Fixed exception when exporting trading system (with system frequency set to automatic)
  23. When an order is submitted on an existing position using OrderSettings, the OrderSettings.Tag property will be copied to the BrokerOrder.Tag
  24. Automatically generated ProfitTarget, StopLoss, and TrailingStop orders will now use the value of Position.Tag for the BrokerOrder.Tag property
  25. MBTrading plugin updated to work with MBT Navigator 11.4 or later.
  26. New SQL Server Data Store (LINQ to SQL) plugin
  27. Fixed bug where "Purge Data Only..." item would not work when invoked from Data\Watchlist menu
Posted Thursday February 11 2010
A couple of additional notes about this release:

We've changed licensing system we use. With the old system, we were getting a lot of support requests where people were having issues with "license not found" or other issues. We believe that the new system will have a lot less problems. It does mean that the old licenses are no longer valid, so if you've purchased or are leasing RightEdge, you'll need to download a new license from the "My Account" section of the RightEdge site.

As part of the license change, we've also extended the trial period from 30 to 45 days.

This release also includes a new SQL Server plugin which should be easier to set up and have better performance. Unfortunately an issue slipped in where it does not work as is. This should be fixed in the next build, but we've also released the source code so you can build it yourself if interested.

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