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RightEdge Beta 4, Build 288 Available

Posted By billb 11 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday February 13 2007

Announcing RightEdge Beta 4, Build 288

We are proud to announce the release of RightEdge beta 4.  Due to the overwhelming number of requests for position pyramiding (adding to or remove from an existing position), we performed a major rewrite of the way positions are handled to facilitate this.  More details below...

The software can be downloaded from the following URL:

If you know anyone who might be interested in trying our pre-release, please direct them to our sign up page (it's free, and we don't give out any of your information). 


RightEdge is built on top of version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.  Check to make sure the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 is installed on your computer.  If it is not installed, or you are not sure, please obtain this framework from

This is a free download.

Please visit our forums ( for all of the latest news and information and of course, to participate in our community.

Due to the fact that a major rewrite was performed on the core features of the application, it is expected that we will find some problems.  Please report these immediately and they will be moved to the top of the queue.

What's New

  • Position Pyramiding
    As mentioned, the ability to add to and remove from existing positions is really what pushed us to this unexpected beta 4.  There are two new functions in SystemData called AddToPosition and RemoveFromPosition.  These are documented in the RightEdge Developer Documentation.  We will be releasing samples demonstrating how to utilize these features very soon.
  • Auto Completion for Visual Basic Code
    There's a fairly complete version of auto completion in the editor for Visual Basic code.  This should help VB programmers a great deal.
  • Output Pane
    There is now an additional pane to facilitate streaming output from a system into the RightEdge user interface.  The Output member in the SystemData class allows a system to programmatically display output to this pane.  An Action plugin for drag and drop will be available so that this can be utilized in drag and drop systems.

What's Left

At this point, all major features are complete.

  • Documentation
    The developer documentation is about 99% complete and the end user documentation is about 95% complete.  We need to update the end user documentation to reflect the new screens for multiple trades per position.
  • Sample Systems
    We will be finishing a number of sample systems that can be used to demonstrate both simple and complex concepts and also can be used as springboards for your own systems.
  • Plugins
    We still plan on releasing more plugins to work with various data providers and brokers.
  • Actions and Triggers
    We have a few more actions and triggers for the Components pane still left, however, if something is clearly missing in your view, please let us and we'll be happy to try and squeeze it in before release.

Bugs reported on the forums have been assigned identifiers.  We will provide a list of fixed problems since the last release.  If the issue was not addressed, please let us know right away.

Bugs Fixed Since Build 284

  • 734 RESO FIXE Cannot change pane name for indicators
  • 737 RESO FIXE Bad System Designer file
  • 736 RESO FIXE True and False are not working
  • 738 RESO FIXE APR is wrong when backtest begin date is not specified
  • 739 RESO FIXE Orders seem to be duplicated
  • 744 RESO FIXE Trades are not filtered by position
  • 741 RESO FIXE Linear regression slope indicator should use LinearRegres...


After the successful download of RightEdge, extract the zip file to a temporary directory and run the Setup application.  Follow the steps in the installation wizard and once the files are copied to their final destination, RightEdge is ready to use.


RightEdge is now built using the 9.0 version of the Interactive Brokers API.  It may be necessary to download this update from the Interactive Brokers website.

This software can be found at:

As always, this is pre-release software.  Do not use this against a live brokerage account.


It is highly recommended that RightEdge is uninstalled before installing this refresh.  In addition to running the uninstall (located in the Start/Remove Programs in the Control Panel), it is recommended that the RightEdge program folder is completely removed.  After running the uninstall, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the RightEdge folder (the default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Yye Software) and delete this folder.


RightEdge creates a program group in the Start Menu.  There are three items in the list, RightEdge, Getting Started Guide and RightEdge Developer Guide.  It is highly recommended that you take a look at the Getting Started Guide to learn the basics of navigating around the software and understanding key features.  Use the RightEdge Developer Guide to help build systems from code.  The RightEdge Developer Guide is now available online at

Reporting Problems

Beta testers have our full support resources available to them.  For the short term, it is recommended that you post any problems to our public forums so that others may benefit from the solution provided.  You may also use our support URL to send a message directly to our support staff at  We can also provide others means of support (telephone, instant messenger, etc) on a case by case basis.

We look forward to your feedback.

The RightEdge Development Team

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