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Indicator chaining with Stochastic Momentum Index

Posted By andvac 8 Years Ago
Posted Saturday March 27 2010

Could you generalize SMI so that it is possible to select the input to the indicator? For example, RMI can be applied to the price close series but also to other indicators. It would be great to be able to do the same with SMI, and actually with most indicator that don't necessarily require high/low or volume data.

Thank you!

Posted Sunday March 28 2010
If an indicator has a single input then we do generally write it so that the input can be selected. The SMI "calculates where
the close is relative to the midpoint of the recent high/low range," so it uses the high, low, and close values. That's why it doesn't let you select an input.

Posted Wednesday March 31 2010
Hi Daniel,

I imagined that this was the issue. However, you can easily define the highs and lows of a univariate series, like the volume, by taking the highest high and lowest low over a given period of time. If you could generalize this operation to all the indicators, then you would be providing a lot more flexibility to all of us!



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