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RightEdge 2010 Build 18 Available

Posted By billb 9 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday March 30 2010
  • Optimization results summary will now include risk assessment results
  • Fixed memory leak of system results
  • Equity curve performance improved: Limited the number of points on the equity curve to 1,000 in order to avoid performance problems with large numbers of points
  • Greatly improved data save speed for SQL server plugin.
  • Fixed errors that could happen when creating indicators in SymbolScript after Startup was called (ie with a separate SetupIndicators method)
  • Fixed issues where orders submitted from the BarClosing event would be filled with the wrong price
  • Indicators will now be updated before the BarClosing event is raised, making it much easier to write BarClosing logic
  • Fixed average bars held in symbol results.
  • Bar OHLC values will be checked to ensure they are valid (they aren't zero, NaN, etc) and consistent (the High value is the maximum of the values, and the Low is the minimum) when running a simulation. An exception will be thrown if an invalid bar is found.
  • Fixed issue where edits to data store plugin properties wouldn't be saved when OK was clicked.
  • TWS plugin can download data for expired futures contracts
  • TWS plugin no longer handles IB error code 404 (shares not immediately available) as a rejected order. Also, for order warnings, an order updated event will be raised, and the information string will contain the warning information, allowing systems to take action based on the warnings.
  • Fixed NotImplementedException that would be thrown if options screen was opened and closed (by pressing OK) when tick data editor was open
  • Added OEC plugin's dependencies so it will show up as a service again

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