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StdDevQueue sample vs population

Posted By zykem 11 Years Ago
Posted Monday April 12 2010

Right now the StdDevQueue.StdDev member calculates the standard deviation for the population. How can I get the standard deviation for the sample as calculated in Excel by STDEV() instead of STDEVP() function?

Posted Tuesday April 13 2010
What makes you think it's giving the standard deviation of the population and not the sample? It divides by n, not (n - 1) before taking the square root (where n is the sample size).

Posted Tuesday April 13 2010
Hi Daniel,

I was comparing the results to Excel's STDEV function and didn't match. As soon as I change the function in Excel to STDEVP then it matches to what was produced in RE. Maybe another bug in Excel Smile

Posted Thursday May 11 2017
I am running into this now.

In Excel, we are using STDDEV.S specifically to calculate a value.

If I change it to STDDEV.P, it matches my result in RightEdge using the StdDevQueue with the same inputs.

Is there any way to get the StdDevQueue to calculate the same as STDDEV.S in Excel?

Or for me to change how I am using the StdDevQueue?

Posted Saturday September 16 2017
This is basic stats-- has nothing to do with Excel or RE. If you want to convert a population standard deviation to a sample standard deviation you simply multiply the population stat by Sqrt(n / (n -1)).

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