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Logging from bar data plugin

Posted By gigi 8 Years Ago
Posted Sunday May 02 2010
Is it possible to write to the output window from a IBarDataRetrieval plugin?

I've tried calling in RetrieveData:
new RightEdge.Common.SystemOutput(OutputSeverityLevel.Informational, "testing 1.2.3", "Module");
new SystemData().Output.Add(OutputSeverityLevel.Informational, "testing 1.2.3");
but it doesn't work (no error, but nothing appears in the output pane).
Posted Monday May 03 2010
There's not currently a way to write to the output window from a bar data retrieval plugin.

You can consider writing to a log file, or writing to System.Diagnostics.Trace and attaching a debugger to view the output.


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