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RightEdge 2010 Build 21 Available

Posted By billb 9 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday May 18 2010
This release introduces support for optimization plugins.  This is our first cut of the feature with documentation and samples to follow.  But a number of folks have expressed in previewing this functionality.  Please feel free to comment and ask questions in our forums.  We'll also keep you up to date on the latest developments as we progress.

Release Notes for Build 21

  • Support for optimization plugins
  • Source code to data storage, optimization, TWS, IQFeed, and OpenECry plugins added to the samples that are installed with RightEdge.
  • TWS Plugin: Orders submitted outside RTH should not be counted as cancelled when TWS sends the warning that they won't be submitted immediately.
  • Simulation end date will now be respected for tick level simulations.
  • Fixed exception when opening system where BaseClasses.cs or BaseClasses.vb file doesn't exist
  • Added properties for Bid and Ask series to symbol script base class.
  • Corrected a bug in Parabolic SAR
  • Added a "Apply New Serial No..." button to the expired license dialog.

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