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Problem with compiled IQFeed with live data on more than 10 stocks

Posted By Steve2008 8 Years Ago

Problem with compiled IQFeed with live data on more than 10 stocks

Posted Thursday August 19 2010
I have run into a problem with the IQFeed plugin that I can reproduce when I compile the unaltered version of the IQFeed source code supplied with build 21, and use the resulting DLL. This problem does not occur when I use the original DLL.

If I start DTN IQ prior to RightEdge, it starts IQFeed, and RE doesn't have to. When I do this, the new DLL works normally for live data. However, when I let RE start IQFeed, in watch lists of more than 10 stocks, all the stocks appear in the live data display, but only the first 10 get populated with live data; the rest have all zeroes in all their columns.

The original DLL, which I saved, works normally whether or not it has to start IQFeed.

The new DLL is 34.0 Kb; the original is 34.5. I don't know why.

I am using Visual C# Express 2008. To create my IQFeed project, I copied from the RE samples the IQFeed folder into my Projects folder, and also copied ImportCommon.targets into the Projects folder after the compiler asked for it.

I haven't set the output to automatically go to the RightEdge 2010 Plugins folder and have been copying the DLL manually from my Release folder. In addition to the DLL, the compiler creates 4 other files not in the RE distribution, such as IQFeed.pdb. Copying these files into the Plugins folder doesn't seem to change anything.

I discovered this problem after I put a market hours filter in the historical data code; this works fine. As noted above, the problem is reproduceable with the unaltered IQFeed plugin code.

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Posted Thursday August 19 2010
You need to get an API key from IQFeed and put it in the IQFeedConnectInfo.public.cs source file in order to support more than 10 symbols.

Posted Friday August 20 2010
Thanks for the info.

In order to get an API key, IQFeed would probably want me to subscribe to their API support/documentation service, which costs $300 per year.

I might subscribe in the future if I decide I need that service for other reasons, but for now I can live with starting DTN IQ before RE.

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