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Clone Symbol function

Posted By smersh 8 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday September 14 2010
When ever I have to create new futures I have to enter all the security details from scratch. Not only is this time-consuming but error prone. Usually I have to open another instance of RE to copy and past the details from another expiry and if you are not careful the watch list can become screwed up because two instances are running...

On my Prod machine I simply update the expiry date as I don't care about the expired symbol but on the Dev machine I need to create a new symbol...

It would be great to be able to right click on a symbol (in the Watch List) and have an option to clone it. Then all one has to do is edit the changed details. (eg. Expiry date) and be done with it.


Posted Tuesday September 14 2010
I've added a feature request (1355) for this.

Posted Tuesday September 14 2010
Posted Sunday September 26 2010
The Clone Symbol functionality will be available in the next build of RightEdge.

Posted Tuesday October 26 2010
I used this function today to create all the Dec futures of the Septs. So easy now. It is awesome!

Thanks for including it.

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