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unregistrating indicator from IndicatorManager

Posted By omri1181 8 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday September 22 2010
for example, i would put MA and then later in the code i would remove it and replace with EMA...

is it possible to remove an indicator from Indicator Manager ?

public override void Startup()


// Perform initialization here.

SMA ma = new SMA(10);


ma.ChartSettings.ShowInChart = true;



public override void NewBar()


// Put your trading code here

if (Bars.Count == 400)






Posted Thursday September 23 2010
It is not possible to change or remove registered indicators. The only thing you can change is the name, but I suspect that isn't going to help you here. If you want to give me a higher level view of the problem you're trying to solve, I might be able to provide a different idea.

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