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Exit strategies (newbie question)

Posted By Snakess69 8 Years Ago
Posted Sunday September 26 2010
I'm currently evaluating RE and likes what I've seen so far Smile

One thing that I wonder about is if it's possible to combine entry and exit strategies when back testing?
I.e. evaluate one exit method (a trailing stop for example) in combination with several entry strategies.

Or put another way: Must both the entry and exit condition be specified in the same code file
or can they be paired at runtime?

I apologize if missed something obvious...
Posted Sunday September 26 2010
Use an optimization paramater and then use switch to select each one at run time. This way you can optimize to see what wolrks best for you.

Posted Monday September 27 2010
That should work, I didn't think about using optimization parameters that way.

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