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RightEdge 2010 Build 23 Available

Posted By billb 9 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday September 29 2010
What's New

  • Added "Open in Visual Studio" command System\Visual Studio menu.
  • Fixed exception which would be thrown when closing optimization results window if optimization folder had files in it besides the optimization results displayed.
  • Optimization plugins can show their own progress window (OptimizationPlugin.CreateProgressWindow is now virtual)
  • Orders from TWS plugin should be sent as GTC orders.
  • The Tab size setting (in the Editor tab of the RightEdge options) now works correctly
  • Fixed bug where if there were multiple ticks with the same timestamp, the partial bar's closed would be based on the last one even when processing the earlier ones (ie when NewTick was called)
  • Fixed possible "Queue empty" exception when running a simulation with tick data.
  • When opening an optimization result, the system output from that run will be added to the system output window.
  • Fixed issue in SQL database conversion where data would be duplicated if there was data for more than one frequency for the same symbol in the old database.
  • Removed UpdateTime method from IFrequencyGenerator (sending a tick with the type TickType.CurrentTime serves the same purpose).  Added NextTimeUpdateNeeded property to IFrequencyGenerator interface to allow for perf improvements for systems running with many symbols.
  • System performance should now scale reasonably when using large numbers of symbols (especially running live systems or tick-based simulations)
  • Fixed issue where when starting live data, SetWatchedSymbols would be called once for each symbol.
  • Fixed issue with round lots option
  • Added CustomString property to Position, PositionSettings, Order, OrderSettings, BrokerOrder, and TradeOrder.
  • Added option to symbol setup to ignore bar data validation
  • IQFeed plugin now works when RightEdge is running as a native 64 bit process
  • Fixed exception when the last live lead bar loaded for all symbols isn't for the same date.
  • Added options to display data only within a given start and stop date/time in the tick and bar data editors
  • Fixed issue where if SystemData.CreateTicksFromBars was set to false and only one frequency was used in the system, RightEdge would behave as if SynchronizeBars was set to true.
  • Added fields to symbol information for custom historical, live, and broker data that can be used by the service plugins.  Modified IQFeed so that if there is a value in the custom data field, it will use that as the symbol name to send to IQFeed, instead of trying to format the symbol name according to various rules.  This should make it possible to use IQFeed as a data provider together with IB as the broker for symbols where the symbol formatting logic for IQFeed wasn't working.
  • Added functionality to clone a symbol in the watch list.

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