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OrderType and BrokerOrderType

Posted By BigBerner 11 Years Ago
Posted Thursday February 22 2007
Just noticed that the OrderType enumeration and the BrokerOrderType enumeration have different members. OrderType has Market, MarketOnOpen, MarketOnClose, Limit and LimitOnClose, whereas BrokerOrderType also has PeggedToMarket, Stop, StopLimit, and TrailingStop.

Currently using the OpenPositionMethod I would not be able to place PeggedToMarket, Stop, StopLimit and TrailingStop orders. It looks as though the OrderType enumeration has not been updated to include these order types - is this correct?

Posted Thursday February 22 2007
I'm not sure if there is any good reason to have two seperate enums for this, although there may have been at one time. We will probably combine them into just one. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Posted Monday February 26 2007
I have merged BrokerOrderType and OrderType.  The new enum is named OrderType but includes all of the old BrokerOrderType members.  If you have written a broker plugin you may have to update it with the new enum.


Posted Wednesday February 28 2007
Thanks, I  will update my pluggin.

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