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Access Other Symbols for Indicator

Posted By alpha23 8 Years Ago
Posted Friday December 24 2010
Is there a way to access other symbols in the creation of an indicator?

Thanks, Duane
Posted Sunday December 26 2010
What are you trying to do? If your indicator is an ISeriesCalculator, then you can pass in series from other symbols to the SetInputs method. For example: MyIndicator.SetInputs(Close, OtherSymbols["MSFT"].Open, OtherSymbols["MSFT"].SMA50)

Does that help?

Posted Sunday December 26 2010
I'm looking to create a relative performance indicator based off another symbol, e.g., a broad market index. In this case, I will be calculating the performance of both the selected symbol and the market index and each point (from some starting point) and then dividing to give an indicator. I would like to do first code this as an indicator only. I'm still not understanding how to accomplish this within the indicator class. Do you have a code example?

Thanks, Duane
Posted Saturday July 23 2011
Wondering the same thing as well. Here I asked about this via a pseudo-symbol, but wondering if the right way to do this is to assemble an indicator? Will that allow me to access a symbol that doesn't get included in the backtest / live trading?

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