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Indicators messed up after switching between daily and weekly views and back again

Posted By jdfagan 7 Years Ago

Indicators messed up after switching between daily and weekly views...

Posted Saturday January 22 2011
Using 2010 Build 32.

I've noticed that after adding both the following indicators (Keltner Lower Band, Keltner Upper Band, SMA with values of 10) to a daily chart of IBM grabbed from Yahoo history, changing the 1D timeframe to 1W timeframe and then back to 1D timeframe really messes up the chart for these indicators on the right edge side.

However, if I scroll to far left, I do see these indicators on the chart. Its almost as if the 1D chart (after switching to 1W and then back down to 1D) is showing the indicator values still from the 1W chart on the 1D and thus why it falls short on the right edge of the chart (the values are all NaN for these indicators for many many bars (about 3/4 of total 1D chart have NaN values; only the 1st 1/4 of 1D chart is showing values and they are all wrong).

See images posted to understand better.

1D LeftEdge Bad.png (297 views, 106.00 KB)
1D End of Indicators Bad.png (294 views, 80.00 KB)
1W RightEdge Good.png (284 views, 106.00 KB)
1D RightEdge Bad.png (275 views, 80.00 KB)
Posted Tuesday January 25 2011
Got it. I've submitted a case (case ID 1357) and reproduced it with the following steps.

1) Open a daily chart.
2) Drag and drop a Keltner Lower Band with default parameters.
3) Switch chart frequency from 1d to 1w
4) Switch chart frequency from 1w to 1d.

We'll give it a look.
Posted Tuesday January 25 2011
Thanks for confirming. I've noticed references to case ID numbers before in other threads. Is there a bug/issue database that registered customers can access/view/comment on?
Posted Sunday January 30 2011
No, the bug database isn't publicly visible. We give out the ID numbers mostly so you can ask us about the status of a specific one.


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