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Growing RightEdge's Market Share

Posted By arthurdent 7 Years Ago
Posted Monday January 31 2011
Hey guys, I think the RightEdge system is quite powerful and has more to offer then the competitors, but I don't think it has a market share as big as the other. I'd like to see it grow, because more users means more support in the forums, and more revenue for the developers to spend on new features and making the system better!

Here are some ideas that might help RightEdge gain a bigger market share:

1) Ask users to review RightEdge on popular software sites like , and maybe advertise there.

righted has 0 reviews ( ) but ninjatrader has 90.

There are tons of sites on the net that review trading software, you guys should do all you can to get exposure on them!

2) Consider making the platform totally free for the next 3-6 months and then started charging after you have doubled or tripled your user base. The best thing you can do is get a lot of the online automated trading community familiar with your platform, so that they are 'hooked' and spend all their time developing for it, and then start charging in the future in the future once the ecosystem is big enough.

3) Once you build up your userbase, you can get big sponsorship from a broker like IB or others as your 'preferred broker', or 'preferred data provider'. This can help bring in a lot of revenue and offset costs.

4) Come up with a easy system that allows Rightedge users to create systems and add-ons that can be sold by 3rd parties. Those 3rd parties now effectively become re-sellers and affiliates for Rightedge because they are promoting their products and their customers *have* to download rightedge to use them. NT does this

5) Consider updating/redesigning the website to give it a more 'professional' look. And I would also highlight on the website WHY your platform is superior to NinjaTrader , Tradestation, and others. It looks like a lot of information on the site is out-dated and old. (Except for the news section that lists the new builds).

Just some ideas...

Posted Tuesday February 01 2011
Thanks for the feedback.

You're certainly welcome to review RightEdge and post on the forums on Elite Trader. Smile As developers of the software, we can't post there promoting it (it's against their guidelines).

There is already a 30 day trial. We think that's enough for most people to evaluate the software, and if not you can lease it for only $50 per month. So we don't really think the price is a barrier to people checking it out.

I think we'd need quite a large userbase to make it worthwhile for third parties to develop add-ons. Of course we plan to get there eventually.

The website hasn't changed significantly in a long time. We'd like to update/redo it, but right now given the choice between that and working on improving RightEdge, we're working on RightEdge. Smile


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