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Combination Orders

Posted By alpha23 8 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday March 16 2011
Is there a way to execute combination orders both in simulation and live? It would be ideal to have the execution supported in the TWS plugin:

Thanks, Duane
Posted Thursday March 17 2011
We don't support it out of the box. I think you could modify the TWS plugin to support it. I think the way it would work is you would create a separate symbol for your combo orders and have the plugin recognize those and create the combo orders for TWS.

Posted Wednesday March 23 2016
Hello there, it seems like you work for the company or own the company because you seem to be replying to most of the messages.
I just registered today and I am having a hard time setting up the system that I want, I think the main reason for that is that it isn't so simple. I was wondering if you could help me set it up or you know anyone that can help me.
I understand time is money and don't expect it to be free. You can also email me at Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks

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