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Posted By Admin 12 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday April 19 2006
It's been a long time since we've given you an update and a lot has changed.  Our team ran up against a fairly significant roadblock.  One of our most compelling features was going to be the ability to compile (not interpret) a trading system.  This way intellectual property could be preserved and source code was not necessary to distribute a trading system.  It would also provide a bit of a speed improvement.

We ran into a problem with this feature and the more we dug into the problem, the more we realized that the problem was significant and deep rooted.  Without getting into too much of the blood and guts, we have emerged victorious.  Of course, this came at the price of time and much headache, heartache and frustration.  For the delay, we apologize, but we felt is was much more important to deliver the feature set that so many were looking for.

With all of this being said, the beta is right around the corner.  We're projecting a beta 1 release date of Monday April 24th.  Beta 1 is only available to those who have sent us a request.  If you have not signed up already, please do so at (it only takes 10 seconds).

We're looking forward to a successful beta and hope you can help!

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