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Problems with Ultimate Oscillator

Posted By archiegraham 7 Years Ago
Posted Thursday April 07 2011
I'm trying to compare RightEdge with the backtester that I've been using.  I'm not getting the same numbers for the Ultimate Oscillator.  When using the default parameters (7, 14, 28 days), it seems to work.  However, when changing the period lengths, the values don't seem right.  I calculated the values myself in Excel, and I validated the numbers that my other backtester returns.

For example, when I plot the Ultimate Oscillator (5,10,20 day periods) for Alcoa (AA), RightEdge shows that the Ultimate Oscillator value for April 6, 2011 is 86.27.  Other sources as well as my own calculation show that it should be 61.62. 

There are also values on RightEdge's chart that are over 100 (March 24-25, 2011 for example).  The Ultimate Oscillator can only be between 0 and 100.

I only downloaded this a few days ago, so I'm still figuring it out.  Am I doing something wrong, or this a bug in the formula?

Can anyone help???  Thanks

Posted Monday May 28 2012
I'm getting exactly same bad results. Please, RE, can you fix it? It is definitely bug.
Posted Monday May 28 2012
Thanks for pointing bringing this to our attention. This will be fixed in the next build.

The issue was that we were dividing the sum of averages by value for Period 1, when the correct calculation is to divide by 7 no matter what the value for Period 1 is. This means that until we release an update with this fixed, you can get the correct value by multiplying by the value for Period 1 and dividing by 7 (so if Period 1 is 5, you would multiply by 5/7).

Posted Friday September 21 2012
And when your "next build" will be available???

Edited: Friday September 21 2012 by xzajic2
Posted Friday September 21 2012
It is available in an "interim build" here:

Posted Sunday September 23 2012
Thanks, it works. BTW, multithreaded optimization is COOL !!!

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