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CBOE binary options

Posted By M10SA 10 Years Ago
Posted Friday May 20 2011
I wonder how should I create symbol for CBOE binary options BVZ and BSZ.

Their name are different from regular options eg 2011 June 19 Call is BVZ1115F19, 2011 Jun 19.00 Put is BVZ1115R19.


Posted Sunday May 22 2011
What services are you using for historical data, live data, and broker services? Different services can use different naming conventions for the same symbol. So the idea in RightEdge is that you would just set up the symbol in RightEdge with the simple name (such as BVZ), the symbol type, expiration date, whether it's a put/call, etc. Then each service plugin would know how to convert that to the symbol name that the service was expecting.

It's not always possible for the service plugin to have logic to do this conversion for every symbol. In the Symbol Information dialog there's a Service Data tab which you can use to store custom data for each plugin type. The IQFeed plugin will use this data field as the symbol name, if it is present. So if you're using IQFeed you just need to put the name (such as BVZ1115F19) in the historical and/or live custom data field in the symbol setup.


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