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Any Progress Fixing Build 36?

Posted By blousetrader 7 Years Ago
Posted Sunday August 28 2011
Has there been any progress with the issues in Build 36 with TWS? If you look back at previous topics both TickbyTick and myself experienced issues. It's been a month now and I havn't heard anything.

It's pretty fundamental - I got -ve fill values on a Long market order?
Posted Tuesday August 30 2011
You can add me to the list of users who are experiencing bugs in build 36. -- Partial fill problems.

I wasn't experiencing these issues with build 34. Unfortunately, I upgraded my trading server to build 36 and I don't have the installer for build 34 anymore, so I can't downgrade.

Does anyone know where I can download old builds (34)?
Posted Sunday September 04 2011
I can give it to you

PM Me for a dropbox link
Posted Sunday September 04 2011
Thanks very much for offering smersh, but Bill Buchanan already sent me a download link.

Again, many thanks.

: )
Posted Saturday January 28 2012
Has anybody who had issues with build 36 in live moved on to 39 yet? I'm still on 34 and reluctant to upgrade until I know the problems with TWS are resolved.
Posted Sunday February 05 2012
I haven't tried b39 but I've been using build 38 with TWS for a few weeks now without any problems.
Posted Sunday February 05 2012
Cheers - I might take the plunge then

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