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How to use a custome indicator in MySymbolScript class?

Posted By willy 7 Years Ago
Posted Friday November 25 2011
I'm sorry to come with old stuff to you.

I know there will be always new users with same questions.
But I couldn't find any answers in this forum which help me solving my problems.

1. I took your SMASample1 and build my own class in VB target .NET 3.5
Refere to
2. Copied what was in the release directory to the RE plugin directory
3. Found the SMASample1 Indicator in the "Other" group.
4. Put the SMASample1 indicator into a chart (drag and drop)
Here comes my first question: Why is the indicator stopped periode - 1 day before the actual day?
I assumed the indicator does start after periode -1 bars are collected in the past.
Refere to ChartSMASample1_01.jpg and ChartSMASample1_02.jpg
5. I put a reference to the ClassLibrary1 class in my RE project but were not able to use the SMASample1 indicator in my own code.

Isn't there any description step by step how to create its own indicator e.g. with help of MS VB development environment and how to use it in your own trading system.


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ChartSMASample1_02.jpg (354 views, 277.00 KB)
ChartSMASample1_01.jpg (327 views, 277.00 KB)
Posted Saturday November 26 2011
Ok topic 4 is clearified now.
I found some information here


Edited: Saturday November 26 2011 by willy
Posted Saturday November 26 2011
Topic 5 still not solved!
Refer to SMASample1Problem.jpg

The error information in the screenshot means "SMASample1 is not defined"!
Why is it not defined?


SMASample1Problem.jpg (305 views, 202.00 KB)

Edited: Saturday November 26 2011 by willy
Smile Posted Saturday November 26 2011

I solved the problem in the meantime.


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