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how to specify account # and/or account group for Interactive Brokers?

Posted By trin4096 7 Years Ago

how to specify account # and/or account group for Interactive Brokers?...

Posted Monday December 05 2011
I built a system and hooked it up to Interactive Brokers, but nowhere could I find in RightEdge to specify the specific account or account group. How do I do this?

Also, how do I run multiple systems and have each system linked to a different account group at IB?

Posted Monday December 05 2011
Actually, I found it under "other settings", where it asks for FA Account Code, FA Profile, FA Method, and FA Percentage.

What about account groups? Are only account profiles supported? Or can I use a groupname as the profile and then specify a method? Do I need to specify a percentage?

Just need some clarification on how this work, thanks!
Posted Monday December 05 2011
Even more confused on one of the issues here...seems that specifying the broker and account group is not done per system, but rather on the data set... ???

What if different systems both use the same data set, but want to execute to a different broker? Do I need to duplicate the data set for each system?

Posted Tuesday December 06 2011
It looks like the account code is actually the FA group. Those four fields are pretty much just passed directly to TWS.

As far as how to deal with different FA accounts with different systems, there are a lot of different ways you could do that. First of all, if you set up the same symbol in different watch list folders, the data will only be in the data store once. So you could set up a different folder for each system, with a different IB service set up with the FA settings you want. Or you could use the /SettingsFolder: command line option to use different settings for different instances of RightEdge (you could still point all of them at the same folder for your data store).

The best solution though is probably to have the system specify the FA settings. To do this, you can modify the TWS plugin to either expose public static properties for these values that the system can set when it starts up, or you could have the system pass FA account information with each order in the CustomString field.

Posted Thursday February 16 2012
hi - did you get sorted? I've been running RE using both account groups and profiles for the past year so if you still need any help let me know.

Actually just re-read the 2nd line of your 1st post - I only have one system at the moment, if you managed to accomplish multiple systems, multiple account groups from 1 instance of RE I'd be interested in that myself. I'd simply planned to puchase a 2nd licence of RE to do that when (hopefully) the time comes.

Edited: Thursday February 16 2012 by blousetrader
Posted Thursday February 16 2012
You don't actually need to purchase a second copy of RightEdge to run another system simultaneously. Smile You can run two copies at the same time from the same computer, or you are also free to install it on multiple computers.

Posted Monday February 20 2012
Cheers Daniel - I'd assumed I'd need another license - a pleasant surprise to find I don't.Smile

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