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Histogram indicator problem

Posted By parliament718 6 Years Ago
Posted Saturday January 21 2012
Ive created a normalized volume indicator and would like it to display as a histogram. I can make it do so by setting nvo.ChartSettings.LineType = SeriesLineType.Histogram from within StartUp() of the trading system.

However, if I want to add the indicator to a chart manually the only options under the drop down menu of "Line Type" are solid, dashed, and dots. No histogram option.

How can I make it display as a histogram outside of a trading system? I tried putting this.ChartSettings.LineType = SeriesLineType.Histogram in the constructor code of the indicator but this didnt work.

Also, is it possible to have a different color for each line depending on the value as in the image below? This would make debugging the System Chart much easier.

Posted Monday January 23 2012
Once you have added an indicator to a chart, you can set the line type in the properties window and that has an option for Histogram. There's no way to have different sections of the indicator colored differently, though.

I've also made a change for the next build that will add the Histogram option to the Line Type dropdown in the indicator dialog.

Posted Monday January 23 2012
I suppose i can just change the color of the actual bar based on the indicator value, this should suffice. Thanks

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