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Closed positions tab - avg close column

Posted By gillean 6 Years Ago
Posted Thursday February 09 2012

While experimenting with live trading I notice that my "Avg Close" column always displays 0.00 for positions that are closed and my P/L is calculated incorrectly. What do I need to do to ensure these columns get populated with the correct price info? I am using a broker plugin for MBT that I'm working on.

Thanks in advance
Posted Friday February 10 2012
Are you setting the Price on the fills you are sending from the broker plugin? For trades in your account currency the symbol price and account price should be the same.

Posted Monday February 20 2012
Thanks for the reply Daniel, I am setting the fill price when the fill happens. I'll watch it to make sure MBT isn't sending me 0.00 for some reason.

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