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Last open project option not working

Posted By alpha23 6 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday February 15 2012
RE attempts to load a previous project, which no longer exists, upon startup. After I load a new project, successfully run it, exit out of RE, then restart RE, RE still attempts to load the previous project.

I additionally turned off the option, exited RE, then restarted RE but it still attempts to load the previous project.


Edited: Wednesday February 15 2012 by alpha23
Posted Thursday February 16 2012
It appears that the RightEdge settings are being stored in two places, and it's not updating both correctly.

To fix this, you can delete (or just rename, in case you want to undo it) the "Local" copy of the settings. On my machine the path to this is:

Another option that should work is to use the /SettingsFolder command line option to specify where RightEdge stores its settings.

Posted Monday February 20 2012

The above resolved the issue.

Thanks, Duane

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