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Genetic Optimization Plugin

Posted By JoeChangSi 6 Years Ago
Posted Thursday February 16 2012
I made a Genetic Optimization Plugin. The project with the code of genetic algorithm is here.

You should add OptimizationFunctionRE.cs to ..\AForge.NET Framework-2.2.3\Sources\Genetic\Fitness Functions\, add GeneticOptimizationPlugin.cs to RE plugins folder, compile and copy DLLs.

I'm newbie in GA, so there may be errors. Let's correct them together and do RE a better and more convenient.

PS. Many thanks to Andrew Kirillov for his project.

OptimizationFunctionRE.cs (612 views, 3.00 KB)
GeneticOptimizationPlugin.cs (596 views, 7.00 KB)

Edited: Thursday February 16 2012 by JoeChangSi

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