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SystemData.Broker.GetOpenOrders() with IB advisor account not working

Posted By alpha23 6 Years Ago

SystemData.Broker.GetOpenOrders() with IB advisor account not working

Posted Monday February 27 2012
Upon calling GetOpenOrders, and using an advisor account, the count = 0. Orders placed at the advisor account are feed to the subaccounts which may be where the problem lies. However, it does appear the IB is providing this information but the order is not tracked. The tws log shows the following:

2012-02-24 13:50:36.0720   n/a   45053   n/a   OrderStatusSubmitted   Order ID not currently tracked by TWS plugin.

is there a way to have these orders tracked?

Thanks, Duane
Posted Friday March 09 2012
Was the original order on the advisor account submitted from within RightEdge? Are you calling GetOpenOrders() yourself? When you are observing this behavior, is it immediately after the order is submitted, or after you're restarting the live system?

Also, if you can provide the full TWS plugin log, it might help me figure out what is going on.


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