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How to define more conditions on system parameters such X<Y

Posted By remi 6 Years Ago

How to define more conditions on system parameters such X<Y

Posted Tuesday April 17 2012
Hello, I would like to define two moving average indicator parameterized.

Let's say one short MA = X and one long MA = Y

How do I define the rule management that X<Y ?

If I want to play X={2;4;6} vs Y={4;6;8}

with X<Y

If I do it in the code then I guess it will return a simulation results to 0 anyway, right?

Posted Thursday April 19 2012
There isn't a way to define constraints like this using the default optimization plugin. You could write your own plugin (by modifying the source of the default plugin, which is included in the RightEdge samples) that would skip runs where the parameters didn't match the constraints you wanted, or that would generate the values for the optimization parameters in whatever way you wanted.

A simpler solution which might work would just be to have one parameter for the short period, and another parameter be a multiplier so that the long period would be calculated by multiplying the short period by the multiplier.

Posted Friday April 27 2012
I guess it is an additioner not a multiplier!
I am currently trying it.

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