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System Results plugin, how to use a variable created in the TradingSystem class?

Posted By remi 6 Years Ago

System Results plugin, how to use a variable created in the...

Posted Wednesday April 18 2012
I would like to know how to access, in a customized system results, a variable that I have defined in the class MySystem or My SymbolScript.

All I see in the DisplayResults of SysResultsControl class if a FinalSystemResults thain contains :

  • InputSymbols
  • PositionList
  • RiskResults
  • RunLength
  • SystemData
  • SystemResults
  • SystemRunSettings 

For instance, let's say I define leveragedIndex a list of BarData :

public class MySymbolScript : MySymbolScriptBase

   private static List<BarData> leveragedIndex = null;

I update this list while reading all the bars.
I would like in the end to calculate a performance indicator on this new Index.
How to process without doing an ugly save to plain text file and open it later in the output?
Thank you very much for your help and time.

Posted Thursday April 19 2012
You use the CustomString property of the SystemData class to store data in your trading system and read it from your system results plugin.

Posted Thursday April 19 2012
Thank you Daniel,

Do you confirm that I cannot store a list or anything else but a string?

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