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Yahoo Historical Data Retrieval Plugin

Posted By willy 6 Years Ago
Posted Monday May 07 2012

I like to enhance the data retrieval plugin or write my own data retrieval plugin. Is there any example how to write such a plugin? I did search through the RE forum but couldn'tind the right information!
Specifically I'm not happy with what data is retrieved from Yahoo with the current plugin. I found only OHCL and symbol name. It seems that no more data will be retrieved for a symbol, e.g. I missed the company name etc.

So how can I enhance that plugin by my own?

Posted Sunday May 13 2012
Attached is the code for the Yahoo data retrieval plugin. You can refer to it and modify it as necessary.

However, the plugin interface just supports downloading price data and doesn't support setting symbol properties such as the company name. For some information on how to do this programmatically, see here.


YahooDataRetrieval.cs (553 views, 7.00 KB)
Posted Thursday May 17 2012
Hi Daniel,

I try to convert the YahooDataService class into visual basic.
The visual basic compiler remarks that the UseAdjustedCloseForm in line Dim dlg As New UseAdjustedCloseForm() has not yet been defined!
The compiler also remarks that most of the functions of the IService and IBarDataRetrieval interface have not yet been defined in the YahooDataService class although they have already been defined in that class!

Is there a reference missing? Need some help on this.

Btw. I'm not as familiar with the subject of OOP!!!!
Is the YahooDataService class included in the DataRetrieval.dll?
If I have modified the YahooDataService class myself, how can I replace the one which is already contained in the DataRetrieval.dll?

Thanks in advance,

YahooDataService.vb (375 views, 10.00 KB)
Posted Friday May 18 2012
UseAdjustedCloseForm is a dialog that shows a check box that lets you select whether to use the adjusted close value or not. You can remove that line and just set the useAdjustedClose field to whichever way you want it.

You should change the name of the class, and the value returned by id() at a minimum, so RightEdge can tell your plugin apart from the one in the DataRetrieval.dll. You should also modify the values returned by ServiceName(), Description(), Author(), etc. so that you can tell which one is your plugin when setting up a service.

For the interface implementation methods, I think in Visual Basic you need to explicitly declare which method in the class is implementing what method of the interface. Since the C# to VB converter didn't know which methods were interface implementations, it didn't know to do that. The syntax is something like this:

Public Function ServiceName() As String Implements IService.ServiceName
Return "MyYahooPlugin"
End Function


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