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optimize a system class entry

Posted By remi 6 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday May 22 2012
Hello, I would like to be able to reach a dictionnary at the top of the Optimization system.

It seems to me, for every run, it creates a new instance of MySystem.

Where can I store a data in a super class and access that data from every run?

Thank you

Posted Tuesday May 22 2012
What are you trying to do?

Each optimization run is separate and it's not possible to share data between them. You could store data in a file on disk to do so, but with multithreaded optimization there can be more than one optimization run going on at once, so it would be hard to do this without having potential synchronization problems.

You can write your own optimization plugin to have control over the optimization, and you could pass data to each system via the system parameters. Would that help you?

Posted Wednesday May 23 2012
I will use a plain text file to store my values.

Thank you for your help.

Posted Friday May 25 2012
You will probably need to set the number of threads to use to 1 in the optimization plugin settings. Otherwise it will run more than one system at a time and they may conflict with each other trying to access the file.


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