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Making it easy to Add Futures Contracts

Posted By squ1d 6 Years Ago
Posted Saturday June 30 2012
I was wondering if you have plans on making it easier to work with futures contracts.

I mean, some futures contracts have data until the 1940s. Do you really expect us to add them by hand? It's not only painful, but error-prone.

It would be awesome if you could set up initial and end contract dates and the system adds all of the contracts between the two dates for us.

Not only that, but since IQFeed support isn't great right now, we have to add futures contracts as stocks, and thus, cannot use leverage/money management accurately - with margins, point values, and so on. Basically the product doesn't work nearly as well with IQFeed. Getting Futures performance up to par should be a priority for you, in my opinion.

Edited: Saturday June 30 2012 by squ1d
Posted Sunday July 01 2012
The watch list is stored in an XML file. Here is a post with sample code to read and modify it: Programmatically accessing the watch list

I'd suggest you create a program (external to RightEdge) that will loop through the history and add all the contracts you want to your watch list.

You shouldn't have to add IQFeed future contracts as stocks. RightEdge has some logic to try to figure out the right IQFeed symbol name for futures, but it may not always work. However, you can set the "Custom Data for Historical Data Plugin" and/or "Custom Data for Live Data Plugin" (in the Service Data tab of the symbol information) to the IQFeed symbol name, and it will use that. Also, we include the source code to the IQFeed plugin in the RightEdge samples, so you can dive into that to see how it works or modify it to work for you.

If you still can't get RightEdge to work correctly with IQFeed data, let us know.


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