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LeadBars wasting bars

Posted By squ1d 6 Years Ago
Posted Sunday July 01 2012

My system needs 1 year worth of bars in order to trade. However, what is happening is that RightEdge is waiting for every symbol to have that one year prior to trading.

I was wondering if there's a way I could have the system trade as each symbol reached the 1 year mark, instead of all of them.

Posted Sunday July 01 2012
Whether RightEdge is "in lead bars" is a systemwide setting, so there can't be different symbols coming out of lead bars at different times. So in your case I'd recommend not using the built-in lead bars functionality. Just add a check before your trading logic (ie in NewBar() or NewTick() or whereever) to make sure that you have enough data for the symbol before trying to trade it.


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