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Clueless Newbie with Questions

Posted By Scalpness 6 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday October 10 2012
Hi - I am totally new to this. I have read thru the section of the PDF pertaining to this but don't have a clue:

1) I have configured the symbol I want to collect historical data on. I am linked up with my data provider but when I click Data-Start I get an error message in the output section that says 'DateTime.MinValue encountered for tickType NotSet'. I have played with tick settings but nothing works. Similar questions re: the same error in the knowledge base just got responses that said it's not a problem and will be fixed, but I am stuck.

2) Where does the historical data go once I get it?

3) How come when I click the underlined subjects in the start page frequent tasks how to section, all that comes up is an empty page saying interactive help with a red X in the upper right corner? Is it hidden or something? Thanks,

Clueless in Sacramento

Posted Monday October 15 2012
Great support here. I don't need you guys; there are other options out there. LATE kiddies,


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