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Rules for Bar Data Cleanup

Posted By alpha23 7 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday October 17 2012
Is there a reference to the Bar Data Cleanup functionality? If open is lower than low, should the bar be deleted?

Also, if a bar is removed, it appears to be later added upon a subsequent download (using IQFeed). Should there be an option to prevent this? Otherwise, the previous data needs to be re-verified.

Thanks, Duane

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Posted Sunday March 17 2013
Please advise.

One example is MHS. Downloading daily data and running bar checker produces the following error:

4/2/2012 12:00:00 AM, The open value is less than the low value.

If automatic fix is selected, then the data is re-downloaded and rechecked, the same error is present.


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Posted Thursday June 20 2013
Where is the love?

Please advise on the above posts.

Thanks, Duane

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Posted Tuesday June 25 2013
The automatic cleanup will delete any bars with invalid prices (ie the open price less than the low).

Normally, when you do a historical data update, RightEdge will not re-download data that's already in the data store. It will only download data starting with the last bar it finds in the store. So unless the most recent bars are invalid, updating the data shouldn't re-download the same bad bars.

A setting that can override this is the "Minimum Backfill", but that would still only affect recent bars.

Does this help?


Posted Saturday June 29 2013

After looking at it further, what appears to have been happening is that IQFeed is not providing any relevant data for some symbols (even though it is attempting to download). So while the data was being deleted for bars a year or so ago, there was no other valid bars between that date and the current date, making the earlier date the last date.

Yes, the above helped.

Thanks, Duane

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