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Missing currencies in CurrencyType enumaration

Posted By ErkSubasi 5 Years Ago
Posted Friday February 01 2013
I think it is a good idea to complete the CurrencyType enumaration ( for missing world currencies, as this is potentially creating some frustration for your users with emerging markets interests. I have already asked about this 2 years ago here,

My suggestion is to extend the enumaration with;
"ISK", "MYR", "IDR", "ZAC", "PHP", "MAD", "THB", "COP", "CLP", "ILA", "EGP"

This should be relatively easy.
Thank you.


Posted Tuesday February 05 2013
Eventually I want to just get rid of the CurrencyType enumeration and let you use a string, that way we won't have to keep updating it for new or obscure currencies.

For now, it's probably just easiest to add these. All of them will be in the next build of RightEdge, except for ZAC and ILA. Quick searching didn't reveal any information about what these currencies are. Can you provide the names of these currencies and where they are used?

Posted Wednesday February 20 2013
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the heads up. I will be looking forward for that.

ZAC and ILA are currency minors (similar to cents) for ZAR(South African Rand) and for ILS(Israeli New Shekel) which are commonly used for pricing of equities in those markets.
However, since you don't support minor currencies in RE, I guess you would prefer to include ZAC and ILA to the enumeration.


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