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System Designer ==> Code Editor

Posted By nlmdep 6 Years Ago
Posted Sunday June 09 2013

I program in VB.NET reasonably well. I created a trading system using system designer and I like the results. I assumed that the system designer is in reality a 'code writer' but when I look at the contents of the *.vb files, I don't see the system. I see parts of the system in the base classes, but nothing else.

I attempted to create the exact same system by hand using the code editor, but the results are much much worse than when I used the system designer.

Is there a utility that can convert a system creating in system designer into code in the code editor?

Thanks in advance!

Edited: Sunday June 09 2013 by nlmdep
Posted Sunday June 09 2013
The system designer doesn't actually generate any code. We know it would be really convenient to be able to do so, but right now we don't have that functionality.

The objects you create in the system designer are accessible from code, however. So if you give your indicators a name, you can use that name in the code to access them (instead of having to create the indicators in the code itself, for example). So using this you can combine code and the system designer, and migrate to code step-by-step if you need to.

Posted Friday April 17 2015
is there some examples using all the components of the system designer

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