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Import Data Symbol Name/Additional Fields

Posted By alpha23 5 Years Ago
Posted Wednesday January 22 2014
Two questions:

1. Is there a way to specify the format of the Symbol Name based on the file. For example, I received data in a csv file with the filename 'table_aa.csv'. I obviously want only the 'aa' as the symbol, and in uppercase. It is easy to handle for 1 symbol but I'm importing 930 so going through each file and renaming is not an ideal use of time. Also, updates will be an issue.

2. Would it be possible to store additional information about the bar by defining an additional field that then can be used as a column header? For example, the data mentioned above includes dividends data per bar. The dividend will be additional return/expense depending on the position and may have an impact on the strategy.

Thanks, Duane
Posted Friday January 24 2014
Sorry, neither of those are currently possible with the data importer. For the first one, you could write a historical data plugin that provided data from the files on disk, which could include the logic to parse the symbol name from the file name correctly.

RightEdge doesn't have a way of storing additional custom fields with each bar. So in that case you would probably need to write some code to look up that information from a file on disk when you need it.

Posted Friday January 24 2014
The symbol name can also be resolved via a shell script to rename the files but I didn't want to go that route if it wasn't needed because I'm not a shell script expert.

Storing additional fields would be beneficial in a future release.

Thanks, Duane

Edited: Friday January 24 2014 by alpha23
Posted Friday January 24 2014
the following PowerShell command was useful in renaming multiple files:

get-childitem *.mp3 | foreach { rename-item $_ $_.Name.Replace(” “, “_”) }


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