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RSI Implementation

Posted By benzeen 4 Years Ago
Posted Thursday April 10 2014
Thanks to all who have contributed to the forums, I have already found them instructive as I try to figure my way through some of the RE applications.

Having said that I am a pseudo-coder (read amateur by most standards in this and am struggling to implement a variant of RSI. Here's my basic usage:

Private RSI12 As New RelativeStrength(12)

<--other useful code here--->

If Close.Current < MACross Or RSI12< 10 Then
End If

<---rest of code here--->

This throws an error and I am convinced it is dues to my misunderstanding of the implementation/instantiation of the RSI indicator. What I am trying to do is create a (non-14 period) RSI that I can use for comparison sake as a simple filter in my whole model. I am a VB user (which puts me in the minority I know) and was hoping someone might be able to show me where I am going wrong/suggest some code to help me move forward! Smile

Ultimately I would like to be able to consider MAs/Aggregations of RSI data, so that might worth considering in any advice.

Cheers and thanks in advance for any and all help!

Posted Thursday April 10 2014
Figured out my novice-like error, didn't set the inputs to the close series....ugh.
Posted Monday April 14 2014
Glad you figured it out. In the future if the code throws an error it is usually helpful if you can include the exception details/stack trace that you get. :-)


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