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No Live Data from Tws Build 944.3, Apr 1, 2014

Posted By tats 5 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday April 22 2014

with new Tws Build 944.3, Apr 1, 2014
I can't get Live Data (s. attachment)

RightEdge is Build 50

New Tws API is no more compatible with current Krs.Ats.IBNet from RightEdge ?

Because API for Tws Build 927.7d, Jun 27, 2012 today was deactivared.


Tws_No_LiveData.jpg (245 views, 59.00 KB)
Posted Wednesday April 23 2014
tried with Tws Build 936.9q,Apr 8, 2014,

Live Data is available from this Build

Posted Wednesday April 23 2014
RightEdge Team,

Are there any plans to look into this? While the stable release 936.9 works, at some point in time an upgrade will be required. It may be advisable to wait unit releases beyond the current stable release, e.g. 944.3, become stable.

Please advise.

Thanks, Duane

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Posted Monday May 05 2014
Would updating to a newer version of the KRS.Ats.IBNet package address this issue?

I forked the code a long time ago to fix some bugs, which makes it a bit more difficult to update to a new version. The bugs are probably fixed by now so probably I can just go with the "official" version.

Posted Monday May 05 2014

Is it possible for you to test since we have no idea the fixes you previously made? IB now requires at least 944.x (it may be 940.x but 944.x is what is downloadable) due to exchange requirements.

Thanks, Duane
Posted Tuesday May 06 2014
I just tested with 944.3c, Apr 29 and I'm receiving live data from IB.

Posted Friday May 16 2014
Dear Duane

What version of RightEdge are you using?

I'm using RE Build 50 and TWS Build 944.3c and I cannot get live data from IB.
Posted Friday May 16 2014

I had yesterday some problems after upgrading only the TWS Webclient -> API was still disabled.

So I did following:

Installed the new TWS PC Client Build 944.3c (and the Webclient 945). Verified that the API settings are still correct.

Deinstalled my old API 9.46 completely , also cleared nearly everything in the C:\JTS folder and did a fresh API install with the latest API 9.71.

RE Build 50 is working correctly (live data and trading) even with a slightly adapted IB adapter.



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