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Using external datasets

Posted By benzeen 4 Years Ago
Posted Tuesday April 29 2014
To summarize my question:

(i) I have external databases (MySQL) that contain dividend and fundamental data
(ii) I wish to tie these into returns (dividends) and stock universe/watchlists (fundamental data)
(iii) Would like to use RE/RE engine for final system development and real time implementation.

Given I am a novice-intermediate VB Net programmer I am trying to understand whether it is more efficient to find a way to access this data from within RE or whether I should compile my own code and access relevant RE dlls to access the RE engine as it were.

Thoughts and suggestions? If there are any samples of code that show how to access external data from within RE that would be helpful if it is the better path.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Posted Monday May 05 2014
RightEdge doesn't have any built-in support for dividends and fundamental data, but RightEdge trading systems have access to all of .NET. That means you can access data in your MySQL database in a RightEdge trading system the same way you would access it in .NET outside of RightEdge. Here's a guide on connecting to MySQL from .NET:


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