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Uneven historical data start date

Posted By robbersdog 5 Years Ago
Crazy Posted Monday May 05 2014
Good day,

I am testing a simple system using a number of different futures markets. I am going back 20 years, so the data starts in May 1994. The issue I have is that not all of my data goes back that far, for example, the E-mini S&P only started trading in September 1997. It seems like RightEdge finds the earliest start data for all the data sets and starts from there, so in this case, it ignores any data in other markets before September 1997. How do I get RightEdge to begin at the beginning of each market? I have set the project property of "Date Start Date" but that does not do anything.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Posted Sunday May 11 2014
You probably have "Lead Bars" set to something greater than zero. When you have lead bars set, then RightEdge will wait until it has the specified number of lead bars for all symbols before starting trading. Set lead bars to zero and then just be sure in your symbol logic to check that you have enough bars before trying to access bar data, indicators, etc.

Posted Tuesday May 13 2014
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply, that solution worked.

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