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Implement Trailing Stop

Posted By ywlee 4 Years Ago
Posted Thursday May 29 2014

A few queries so that I can have a better understanding. I wasnt able to get the whole picture from the manual and also the other posts on Trailing Stops.

a/ PositionManager.SetTrailingStop

i) Do I put this under 'Startup()' with the other PositionManager statements like PositionManager.ProfitTargetType etc?
ii) the syntax is (posID, trailingstop, targetprice type). Am I suppose to define 'posID' because when I use the following there is an error:
PositionManager.SetTraillingStop(posID, 3, TargetPriceType.RelativePrice)

b/ How and where (which part of the code) would you implement the above trailing stop code using the PositionSettings method of setting TrailingStop?


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