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RightEdge Crash - No exception

Posted By alpha23 5 Years Ago
Posted Thursday June 05 2014
I've seen this before but with build 50 it appears to be happening more frequently. That is RE shuts down without an exception, this time during live trading. There are no logs in the Windows standard event logs to indicate the reason. Is there a way to log this via RE?

Thanks, Duane
Posted Tuesday June 10 2014
If you can run RightEdge with a debugger (such as Visual Studio) attached, the debug log may give some information about what is going on.

Are you watching RightEdge and it shuts down suddenly with no message, or are you coming back later and noticing that RightEdge is gone? If it's the latter, it's possible that the dialog is being shown for an unhandled thread exception but that .NET is shutting down the app when the event handler doesn't return within some timeout.

Posted Tuesday June 10 2014
Earlier, i.e., RightEdge shuts down suddenly with no message.
Posted Monday June 16 2014
It appears to occur only when attached to Visual Studio. If nothing else, it may be best to start with that condition.

Posted Sunday June 22 2014
After RightEdge exits, what does the debug output in Visual Studio say? There should be some debug output from RightEdge, and generally when a process quits it will have something like this:

The program '[7364] RightEdge.exe' has exited with code 0 (0x0).

Do you see a line like that? What's the exit code? What are the messages immediately before the exit?

Posted Wednesday June 25 2014
I will keep an eye out for this and will re-post the details when it happens again.

Thanks, Duane

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